Emerald Dunne Art 2018: Reflecting on my creative year to come

Emerald Dunne Art 2018: Taking my art forward in 2018

So what’s in the pipeline for Emerald Dunne Art 2018? I’ve already looked at blogging plans for Stars & Stems. But what about my art, the reason for the blog in the first place?

I like new year resolutions, though I don’t usually start them on January 1st. Luckily I’m not too bad at sticking to them. Successful ones so far have included learning Italian and starting a regular yoga practice. And in fact beginning an art career itself sprang from a resolution. So it makes sense to have a few goals for my creative practice for the coming twelve months.

To do this I’m reflecting on not only the work I want to produce, but what needs to be done and how I need to be in order to do it.


Emerald Dunne Art: Reflecting on New Year 2018 and my creative plans for the next twelve months.


Or the things that I want to create and learn. On this page I speak a little about the reasons behind the name of this blog. So to remind you, stars are the things I aim for – creating my art as well as the artwork itself and where I can shine:

  • Keep sketching: Last year I got into the habit of taking a sketchbook and pencils on days out and it’s bearing fruit. I am more confident about creating seascape paintings, for example, knowing that the initial studies have been done from life.
  • Improve my glass art skills: I’m looking forward to reviewing my painting on glass skills, creating more work and setting up a glass-related website.
  • Sketch and paint more seascapes: Which means I have the perfect excuse to visit North Berwick, my favourite seaside town and where I was lucky to have spent much of my childhood. In a future post I’ll speak about why it’s such a scenic spot to visit with your sketchbook.
  • Take better photographs: I always prefer to use my own photos for my websites and blogs since it adds far more of. This year I hope to improve my snapshots.
  • More exhibitions: It’s high time for another Emerald Dunne Art show, either solo or part of a group. Last year they were thin on the ground. But I’ve gotten to know a lot more about my new home, stocked up on contacts and have been busy creating new work. There are a couple of places I’d still like to exhibit in London and down south.


Emerald Dunne Art: Reflecting on New Year 2018 and my creative plans for the next twelve months.


Ooooh, stems! Considerably more of them because the lead the life I want takes work. Stems are the sustenance, what feeds me and therefore my art. But also the hard graft needed to get me there:

  • Create art: Finish off lots of bits and pieces that sitting around in need of attention in the studio.
  • Stay healthy: The past year I’ve got back to my yoga and this month I’m following a 30-day challenge at Do Yoga with Me. Not to mention cycling along the Forth-Clyde canal and swimming (not in the canal though!).
  • Develop my Etsy store and Instagram page: There are skills I need to investigate. As in how to make sales through them.
  • Look after my voice: No more singing Number of the Beast at karaoke!
  • Do up the home studio in the back room: It’s time to paper and paint the walls, replace the rickety shelves with some gleaming white Ikea storage units and file everything away neatly. And if we put a new floor in there it could double up as a yoga room. Yippee!!
  • Get this blog up and running: After a false start last year I decided to relaunch this with better planning.
  • Gain an income: Who wants to be a struggling artist in a garrett?
  • Go abroad: Can’t wait for our holiday in Tenerife!


Meanwhile, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only artist who thinks of their creative year to come. Have a read about what the wonderful Helen Wells has to say about the exercises she sets herself in order to focus. And how she views January 1st not as an arbitrary date on the calendar, but a chance to press the reset button.

And take a look at this inspiring post by Joe at Textile Artist and his useful tips on motivating yourself creatively.


Emerald Dunne Art: Reflecting on New Year 2018 and my creative plans for the next twelve months.


Artists and creative peeps – do you have any plans for this year or any projects on the go? Leave a comment below.





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