January 2018 Round-up

January 2018: Blue church door, Blackadder Church in North Berwick, Scotland.

Welcome to my January 2018 round-up at Stars & Stems. And my very first. What an enjoyable first month of blogging!

I’m looking forward to growing my little blog and there’s certainly a lot to learn about how to do it. A round-up is an opportunity to write about bits and bobs that may not merit a whole post. So without further ado, here are my January 2018 snippets.



January 2018: View of Craigleith island and the harbour from North Berwick beach.

January 2018 : Monthly round-up featuring Fidra and the Lamb from North Berwick beach.

Blue has dominated the month for me, what with the January Blues, the weather and my blue paintings. And by the time this post appears I’ll be soaking up all the blue sea and sky I can in Tenerife.

Even though I’m hankering for a spot of warm weather, these chilly views captivated me on my recent North Berwick trip. The artist in me loved the reflections of the lighthouse and the harbour light. While the (fledgling) photographer did her best to capture it.

Methinks there’s a painting in the pipeline!


January 2018: Snowy afternoon in Knightswood, Glasgow.

January 2018: Swans on a snowy afternoon in Knightswood, Glasgow.

Although I’m more of a spring gal, I’ve enjoyed getting out and about with the camera. And I was pretty happy with these snapshots of my neighbourhood in the snow. I took these late one afternoon not long before sunset which explains the blue tinge.

I’m already looking forward to seeing the cherry blossom light up this little park very soon in late March.



And now for a spot of red. Cafe Cossachok is one of favourite eateries in Glasgow. It’s a Russian restaurant in Merchant City and a bit of an art gallery once you’re inside. There’s lots to look out and so cosy. Just look at this explosion of colour everywhere!

Despite Cafe Cossack being a regular restaurant, for vegetarians there’s a lovely hot borsch soup which you can follow with a vegetarian stuffed pepper. Great coffee too. 🙂


January 2018: Yoga practice with Do Yoga With Me. Great yoga site!

I’ve been sticking to my yoga practice with the help of fab Canadian site Do Yoga With Me. While I enjoy real life yoga classes, I do appreciate the opportunity to practise in my own space.

The site offers classes for a range if levels plus challenges to keep you structured. I picked the 30-day Transform Your Life one, namely because I want to transform myself back into my fit and healthy self. I chose the intermediate level, a bit ambitious perhaps because of an old injury.

Because of my broken collarbone I have a metal pin in my upper body, meaning the machine bleeps at the airport. Therefore, I’m glad that I can pause the class whenever I want without feeling I’ve missed anything.

5: ART

Well, I made a deal with myself to finish fifty handmade cards by the end of the month. And I’m pleased to announce mission accomplished.

Or very nearly accomplished. I still have to stick the eggshell on all of them and tidy them up a bit. But I am losing a good few days at the end of the month while we’re in the Canary Islands. So I’ll permit myself to carry that over to early February.

Once I’ve finished them I’ll be selling them at my Etsy shop.

January 2018: Work-in-progress with Emerald Dunne Art.


Meanwhile, here are five blog posts I’ve enjoyed reading this month:

Jasmine Charlotte’s post about her new embroidery hobby complete with wonderful photos reminded me of exactly what I’d liked to have achieved in my needlework class at school.

As someone who occasionally visits Leeds for work, it’s interesting to read London blogger Besma’s take on 48 hours there.

I do love my snazzy shoes! Amber posted a great piece about red shoes and how to team them with ten different looks. Time for me to reacquaint myself with my shiny red Miu Mius (especially when I’m cycling!).

Annie Bean posted about how to beat the January Blues which I totally chimed with. And it’s completely free!

Scottish blogger Trona wrote this piece about ethical company Herbivore Botanicals. I try my utmost to source skin products that don’t test on animals or contain animal-based products, so I’m keen to try this company out. And it’s interesting to read that they started as an Etsy business.


I’m looking forward to some days in the sun at the starting the month. And all the more so seeing as hot in the heels of our holiday I’m due more surgery on my vocal chords in the first week of February. But that’s a post for another time.

Meanwhile, I’m also kicking off another regular post next month – Artist of the Month. Stay tuned – one day it could be you!!

How was your January 2018? And more importantly UK readers, have you done your tax return? Let me know in the comments.








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