Coronavirus: Staying Fit in Body and Mind

My thoughts on Coronavirus

This Coronavirus business is beginning to get a bit scary. It’s all you ever read and hear about. And all we’ve been talking about over the proverbial water cooler.

The libraries have closed for the time being. There’s no way of being able to work from home, unless I stick labels in my own books and issue them to the neighbours.

I’m not going to speculate on how it started or where it’s going since smarter heads than mine already have done so. I also want to stay positive, albeit realistic, and stay as healthy as I can in body and mind. That includes checking in with friends and family – and staying the heck away from them!


Thoughts on the Coronavirus
Spring equinox in the Botanics, Glasgow

Yesterday I went out for a cycle along the canal on a blazing spring day in a bid to keep healthy. I’ve not been overly worried about the Coronavirus affecting me, but that said my immune system did take a bit of a battering recently. Luckily I’ve spent the last year rebuilding it with lots of exercise and good food.

The Forth-Clyde canal path was teaming as was Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens. Doubtless people stocking up on fresh air before a possible lockdown. It was strange being out and about. The atmosphere of bonhomie thanks to being outside in the sunshine after winter contradicted the lurking fear that things could soon take a nosedive. And how quickly it may all change.


My thoughts on Coronavirus
Cherry blossom trees appropriately social distancing

I feel that we’re still floating above this situation here in the UK, that it’s still to hit us like a huge wave. So much emotional news coming from Italy. Needless to say I am keeping my distance for the sake of others, adhering to the NHS guidelines.

I’m not sure how I will feel if an actual curfew is slapped down. This has already happened in Spain where my sister is with her family, while friends in Italy and now Greece are on lockdown. If I can’t go out for a cycle I fear my strangely upbeat mood will sink and the early days of spring will do little to lift it.

But I’m pretty sure that a few weeks of cabin fever will be a tiny price to pay for the good health of the population at large. And the least we can do for the people who are working so hard to save lives and keep us fed. So let’s stay at home and keep everyone safe.


Meanwhile, I’m trying to avoid the endless news cycle (and probably a fair bit of fake news). Here are some podcasts I’ve found reassuring and/or informative. Follow the links or look them up in your podcast apps:

Psychology in Seattle had this to say about the emotional effects of the situation. Breaking News: It’s okay to be laid back about Covid-19 and it’s okay to be shitting bricks. But it’s not okay to be judgmental if you disagree with each other, especially if the other party is more worried than you.

This Jungian Life has lots of interest to say about the Coronavirus on an archetypal level and some techniques to bring a bit of calm to our unconscious minds.

History Extra looks at pandemics from the past: Have we been here before and if so then when?

So that’s me. How have you been keeping healthy in this uncertain time? Leave me a comment below.