Our Home Studio

home studio post-makeover with artist

We have a home studio at last! It’s been a long time coming, but we took advantage of the lockdown to get to work. We finally had the time and the money to create order from chaos.

Our back room was long in need of a serious makeover – and was making us anxious each time we as much as opened the door. Yikes! Our idea was to end up with plenty of storage for all our artwork and implements. Additionally, I wanted an extra room where I could sit, write and do my yoga. For those reasons we figured we’d keep it as white as possible.

Step this way as we present our perfect home studio.

Before Photos

Take a look at the room before we started clearing it. We were actually using it as a studio! But it had become more of a place to dump stuff. And sometimes it was hard to walk across the room. I would walk in and my heart would sink. How could we find anything in such a jumble?

Everyone, apparently, has a cubby hole or cupboard under the stairs where things go to die. We had a good rummage and threw a lot of things out. I had paint tubes hanging around that I bought when I was living in Japan – twelve years ago! And Ikea frames which had bowed. They had to go.

Admittedly this is the worst it got to. You can see we had plenty of artwork on the walls, but badly organised. It simply looked like we were using the walls as storage rather than display. We had two huge wardrobes – my side was filled with art materials, my paintings and chiyogami paper. I had a massive case of artist block because I couldn’t bear to come in here and work. Contrary to the rumour that artists thrive in disarray, I can confirm that that is all it is a BIG FAT fib.

Thank goodness for IKEA!

We haven’t been able to go shopping during lockdown. But I was able to order these big Malm units for our home studio. It was well worth the extra few bob to get the high-gloss – they give the place a fresh look. I also popped this Tobias chair onto the list as it blends in to the design.

We’d already had the windows triple-glazed and blinds put up two years ago. The white table (on the left photo below in corner), also from Ikea, was a gift from Stephen’s sister. I immediately commandeered it as a work surface (thanks Catherine!). The leaves make it very convenient since they can be put down when not in use. And it has six drawers, now full of glass equipment.

Once B&Q allowed customers back in during lockdown, albeit social distancing when in the store, we were able to get the basics. Stephen papered and painted the walls and ceiling, then added a white laminate floor. He kept the original carpet since it adds insulation, padding and hopefully a bit of warmth.

Home Studio: The Worky

Well done to this man, aka Stephen, who did the lion’s share of the work here here. Unlike me, Stephen hasn’t been on lockdown at work. So this is a testament to his hard graft. Even as I write he is hard at it adding caster wheels to that work table. This means I can move it into the centre of the room as and when I need it. But pop it back against the wall when I’m finished.

Stephen has an artist desk of his own too which he bought here via their Ebay page. And we’re finding it’s very easy to work in here at the same time as there’s plenty of space.

A wee call-out for the lovely Amber too whose fab white home has given me plenty of ideas (I have to admit I pinched her idea for the units and the chair!). We still have a few more bits and bobs to do and another blog entry will no doubt appear in the near future.

My Favourite Thing

sofa bed from futon express

It has to be the sofa bed that I bought ten years ago from the Futon Company and brought up when I moved from London. I got rid of the old mattress when I did, figuring it would only get damp if left in storage. I’m happy to say that the wooden frame survived our Glasgow garden shed, needing only a sand down in parts and boiled linseed oil treatment. I ordered a brand new mattress and cover from the same company, adding a few cushions from B&Q.

In case you’re wondering, this is Oke, the three-seater sofa that I bought all those years ago. For many years in London, it doubled as a bed as well as something to sit on and was very comfortable. I added a cover to keep the mattress clean.

Thank goodness for all that overtime I did at work! And now it’s time to create more art.

  • This a totally unsponsored post – all goods and stores that I write about I do of my own volition.

Do you have a home studio or a space you work from home in? Good for you if so – let me know about it in the comments.