Stephen Scott: Artist of the month

Stephen Scott self-taught Glasgow artist.

Stephen Scott is the first of my featured artists of the month. Those who know me will be aware that I’m more than a bit biased. But if you can’t feature your other half on your own blog, who can you?

Actually, if it weren’t for my Facebook artist page then I would never have met Stephen Scott, artist or otherwise. And in the four years that we’ve known each other, I’ve seen his work bloom. I met him because he found my artist page and ‘liked’ it. But it’s Stephen who helps me with drawing, suggesting techniques and offering encouragement.

A sketch to start with taken from Stephen’s Instagram page, done on our recent holiday in Tenerife. Feel free to follow his page. 🙂


How long have you loved art?

I’ve always loved art since I was at primary school. Two of my drawings were put into exhibitions at Kelvingrove Art Gallery. One exhibition was for up-and-coming Glasgow schoolchildren so I did a picture of Lincoln cathedral. The other one was a show about the Romans and I did a centurion.

How would you describe your style?

Abstract impressionism. Right now I like using a lot of colour in my work.

Which artists influence your work and why?

I like Jack Vettriano, even though he gets a lot of criticism. For me his work is colourful and has great subject matter. I enjoy the fact that he’s self-taught. Banksy is another of my favourite artists because of what he says in his work. I love how he communicates so much in one image and the political messages of his work. Another artist I like is Roger Dean and his futuristic city scenes – doing cityscapes is one of my favourite things.

Stephen Scott: Self-taught Glasgow artist

Have you ever studied art?

I didn’t go to art school because I left school at a young age. But I did do a course in painting a few years ago at Glasgow Clyde College where I learnt to use water colours. The tutor was very supportive and said I had natural perspective, which encouraged me to keep painting. I don’t differentiate between those who’ve been to art school or haven’t. I always work within my capabilities and make sure I learn something new with each work I do.

What materials do you prefer to create art in?

Water colours to begin with, though it’s mainly acrylics now. I love the bright colours and how the work dries quickly. You have to be confident with your paintings. I use pencils for sketching and I’ve still got a packet of Goauche paints from Emerald from last Christmas to use.

Has art changed your life?

Yes, because art now dictates my outlook in life. I can appreciate art everywhere – lots of things inspire me to do paintings. It’s also introduced me to new friends in both real life and online. Basically, it’s opened up a new world for me as everyone I meet is very encouraging. Plus I’ve got to know many talented artists.

What subject matter features in your work?

Music, Glasgow and the odd landscape. My favourite band is the Clash. Art played a huge part in what the band was about anyway, so in turn their music has influenced me. Paul Simonon (bass player) is an artist himself and they always had strong imagery on their posters. I love doing Glasgow scenes, particularly abstract cityscapes, for instance the cranes on the Clyde. I love my city and capturing our industrial history. When we went to Lanzarote on holiday last year, I was inspired by some of the industrial landscape that we could see from a restaurant we went to (see Instagram link above). Some folk may think it ruins their view on holiday, but I found it really inspiring.

Stephen Scott, self-taught Glasgow artist. Painting of the Clash on stage.

What are your three favourite artworks (your own)?

My favourite work is a painting of the Clash I did where I tried to capture the energy of the band on stage. Also this tree (above) because it’s such a strong image. These wee Glasgow scenes were part of a plan to practice doing smaller pictures and capture detail.

Stephen Scott, self-taught Glasgow artist. Miniature scenes of Glasgow.

Only managed the one sketch from Saturday's trip to North Berwick. Marine Parade. ?

A post shared by Stephen Scott (@stephenscottart) on

Pencil sketch of North Berwick by Glasgow artist Stephen Scott.

Do you do a lot of sketching?

When I have the time! I always carry a sketchbook when we g out for the day. I may not always do one, but more often than not I’ll sit down and sketch someone’s house while Emerald is doing a seascape.

What advice do you give to someone who wants to try art?

Practice, practice, practice!

What are your plans for the future art-wise?

Just to continue getting my artwork out there and meeting new folk through my art. And finding the time to develop my work.

Thank you Stephen :).

If you want to see more of Stephen Scott’s work, please follow his Instagram page in the meantime.



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