Work-in-progress: 6 projects to finish in 2018

Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed when I walk into my home studio and see my unfinished work-in-progress.

As I kick off the creative year, I’m taking a leaf out of Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb‘s book. Rather than making completely new changes in 2018, she writes, why not finish things that need doing?

With those wise words in mind I took a rummage through our studio. So fair I’ve identified six bits of unfinished arty business. I’ve decided to set myself realistic goals to finish these and I’ll be letting you know when they’re done. And there will be proof.

I don’t particularly like leaving things undone and at school we were taught to complete tasks. That said, much of my artwork needs to be done in stages. Usually I wait a while for paint and paste to dry, even water to eat into a painted surface to make patterns. Likewise, glass art demands several steps. Thus doing something complex can take several days. It’s small wonder that I multi-task, switching from a seascape to a piece of glass art rather than wait around for things to be ready.

Without further ado, here are my six things. What would you like to finish in 2018?



Some work-in-progress: New handmade Japanese style cards by Emerald Dunne Art.

My handmade cards double up as mini pieces of art you can frame. They’re good to have in my Etsy shop and to give away with orders as wee thank you. I even gained a new commission by doing that.

The process of making them stages is straightforward. For the texture I use texture paste itself, gold leaf and eggshell. And I’ve got enough chiyogami to open my own shop! So….



Green abstract painting by Emerald Dunne Art using Japanese chiyogami paper.

If I told you I had a whole drawer in our workshop full of chiyogami paper that I bought last year, I’m sure you’d have no reason to doubt me! I discovered the beauty that is chiyogami paper when I lived in Japan and now use some in many of my abstracts.

This piece above was a commission from last year. The finished pieces with the Japanese paper look fabulous in black frames and I’d like to make many more for possible exhibitions.



As I mentioned earlier, I do love a good seascape and sketching on the beach. As a result I have a few half-finished works, most measuring 30 x 40cm maximum. Which I’m also keen to get framed and then exhibit as I haven’t shown my seascapes yet.

There are plenty of paints in our studio to see us through a nuclear winter (though we may need a few drop-offs from Ocado!). And I’ve promised myself not to start any new ones till these are done.




Work-in-progress: Fused glass circles for suncatchers by Emerald Dunne Art.

Or glass mobiles as I prefer to call them (only for a guy say “Wow! You make glass phone handsets?”). These glass circles are for suncatchers galore to add to the ones I already make.

On Instagram I’ve been following a fantastic glass artist called Jennifer Butler who’s inspiring me to get cracking (no pun intended!). In fact, there are so many talented glass artists I’ve discovered  – I feel a post coming on.

Finished by…. Looking forward to working with glass again, therefore I can guarantee twelve by the end of February.



Work-in-progress by Emerald Dunne Art.

This piece has an interesting textured surface with a hint of iridescence. The story behind this shiny fused panel – it used to be one piece not two. I made it in a hot glass class in London and on the 37 bus home I suddenly heard a CRAAAACK!!!

Fortunately I think of these as happy accidents, if it’s not a commission. Fused glass can be quite brittle. It’s been heated to melting point then cooled again, so mishaps happen. I’ll set it within a leaded light frame, perhaps adding green glass around the edge since that’s red’s opposite colour.



Work-in-progress by Emerald Dunne Art.

Clearly, I’ve left the BIGGEST till last. At present I have five small square mirrors (measuring 35 x 35cm) and two biggies (80 x 80cm). All the pieces have already been cut and sandblasted (the patterns around the edge), hence a good chunk of work already done.

I’ve sold a few big mirrors via Etsy on a made-to-order basis. Now it’s time to have some smaller ones in stock to send out straight away.



Work-in-progress: Bright abstract art on paper by Emerald Dunne.

So there you have it. And I’d like to reassure you that I haven’t started any tasks yet, hence it’s all from scratch. Naturally I reserve the right to extend any of these finishing dates should I have commissions. And I may mix the order a little to maximise getting as many things finished as possible.

But I can guarantee that I won’t have this work sitting around unfinished by the end of the year.

Phew! That’ll keep me busy for a while.

How about you – any work-in-progress pieces you want to finish in the next few months? Let me know in the comments. Or tag me on your Instagram with #myart2do.









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2 responses to “Work-in-progress: 6 projects to finish in 2018”

  1. Emerald thank you SO much for the shout out – your work is absolutely beautiful!! The post I wrote about 2018 goals seemed to resonate with a lot of people, and I love the way you’ve structured your work goals into manageable chunks month by month. Good luck with them, I’m sure you’ll smash them (but not any more glass!!!!!)

    Catherine x

    • starsandstems says:

      Thank you Catherine, happy to hear you like my work.☺ Glad to say the cards are done as are most of the glass mobiles for this month, so I’m on track.

      And thank you so much for coming over to comment. As you said in your post it all helps fellow bloggers, fledgling and otherwise. X

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