March 2018: Monthly round-up

Deary me, March 2018! You have been keeping me busy. What with a new art job, commissions, another holiday in Spain and those blessed hospital visits, I’ve hardly had time to catch my breath. Let alone produce blog content or – ashamedly – finish my art challenge for the month.

Still, I’m not going to be too hard on myself, since when I made that agreement I had no idea how work and other things in life would pan out. Hence this was reliant on my time being plentiful. That said, not prioritising one’s own work is an issue. And perhaps a subject for another post. But meanwhile, on with the show.



March 2018: Coffee, wine and sunshine in Andalusia - what more could you want?

Another welcome break, this one to Andalusia where my sister and family have been staying. They’re in a gorgeous little town with a horseshoe bay, which is a bit of a clue to where we were.

Right after our last holiday I had to go into hospital for an operation. Which is when we decided to get away again. It was fantastic to spend time with my family and see my young nephew and niece after so long. Plus enjoy some warm weather after our atrocious winter. Stephen loved it and has their stamp of approval.

Stay tuned for photos infinitum and accompanying posts.


My new job continues at Art at the Grange in Milngavie. It’s really brightened my week to have an art-related job – just a couple of classes to start with. But who knows where it could lead?

I love working with kids and seeing the work they produce is rewarding. So far we’ve done stained glass window designs, paper mosaics and a spot of still life drawing. The banter is also fun!

Having been to a very academic high school, I didn’t discover art till long after I’d left. It was treated as a waste of a subject by certain teachers. Nothing wrong with being academic, of course, and I get the impression that could be the type of education these kids are heading for in the future. So it’s a great experience for both them and myself to get to grips with being creative and just having fun.



March 2018: The Beast from the east strikes Clydebank.

March 2018: Swmans in the snow on the Forth-Clyde canal, Scotland.

Will spring ever spring? The Beast from the East straddled its way into March 2018

Nonetheless, I’m quite pleased with these i-Phone photos. And whenever I see a decent phone photo I always imagine how much better it could be with a proper camera. I’ll write my letter to Santa early this year!

In  funny kind of way the top picture puts me in mind of The Hunters in the Snow by Bruegel the Elder. I’ll relent from saying “but it’s so pretty” because let’s face it, snow can be a pain. And we’ve had quite enough of it in Scotland this year.

Hasten ye no back (this year at least)!


The end of the line is nigh for my recent health issues, which have been annoying rather than too painful. That’s a story for later though, but rest assured it’s positive even though it may not seem like it. After our most recent Spanish trip I had my consultation at the hospital. The doctor told us about the treatment I would be receiving – 20 sessions of radiotherapy – and what to expect.

I am surprisingly calm about this as it does seem like the way forward. And the best way to put an end to my lost voice, which started with what I only thought was a bad cold.

A further post to follow.


Oh dear, I’ve shelved my best blog reads of the month, simply because of the toing and froing of March 2018. As well as my Artist of the Month spot. So far I’ve only written about Stephen, but there are plenty more ideas in the pipeline. And the post about him is well-worth a wee read again.



Feeder at Glasgow Barrowlands: March 2018

Feeder at Glasgow Barrowlands. A top gig at a top venue – how many places boast illuminations like these?

How was your month? Let me know in the comments.



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